Hello and welcome to the realm of The Cosmic Selkie, a portal to the Otherworld where I discuss the merging of the mundane and the magical, the earthy and the ethereal. 

My name is Jessica Filip, and I am an artist, writer, and soul midwife living in Northern California.

At home in my studio, I create woven wall hangings and installations, spiritual adornments, and ritual tools made from natural materials. Working with the elements is paramount for me. Nothing makes me happier than when I am sitting outside crafting with skeins of wool, stone beads, or knife and wood.

These offerings are available in my shop here.

In my journal here you will find many existential ramblings on all things light and dark, from my own perspective, but also as a part of the collective. I also write about films, books, art, food, nature's abundant beauty, and other pleasures, for what joy would exist in life without pleasure?

These writings will be posted to my journal here.

A bit about my spiritual work...

I am training to become a death doula (some call it soul midwifery) and funeral celebrant, where I will support the dying and their families during and after the end-of-life transition as well as help to plan beautiful funeral ceremonies to celebrate the lives of the deceased.

I will also be extending my service as a grief guide, where I will help others learn how to move grief through the body and mind in a very personal way.

These and other offerings will be listed (as available) here. 

I look forward to diving with you between the mysteries of the Otherworld and the earthly delights of this beautiful earth, sharing our discoveries and thoughts here in this mossy mycelial corner of the world, with the intent of becoming more organically connected to each other, to self, and to our individual and collective purpose in this life than ever before.

Peace and Blessed Be. /|\